En Vogue Geisha Nails

by Staff Writer | August 1, 2007

En Vogue Sculptured Nail Systems uses resin products made from high-purity, dental-grade raw materials mostly imported from Europe and the artificial nails are designed to give a light, natural feel and look. Application characteristics of en Vogue nails are designed to provide the technician with long-term durability and a great appearance. Joanne Millar, the head educator for en Vogue, demonstrates how she does these Geisha nails.

  1. Prep the nail as usual, and apply a form. Apply en Vogue Connector and cure. Apply a thin coat of en Vogue Modeling Resin, extending down the form to create the desired length. Cure.
  2. Apply en Vogue Color Gel over the first coat of modeling resin. Clean the smile line and cure.
  3. Leaving the dispersion film on the nail and with en Vogue One Component on your brush, pick up the flowers and place them in the desired location. Cure. Apply a thicker coat of en Vogue Modeling Resin over the entire nail, building the arch for strength. Cure.
  4. Remove form and wipe with en Vogue Prep & Clean. File, shape, and buff nail. Then apply en Vogue Sealer and cure. Finally, wipe with en Vogue Prep & Clean.
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Professional Manicure Tool Kit


Professional Manicure Tool Kit


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