“Bowling and nails are my life.”

Bowling and nails are my life, says G Elizondo, a recent bride who walked down the aisle (or more accurately a 27-foot “lane”) wearing 3-D bowling pins on her nails and bowling shoes under her gown. Elizondo (formerly Guevara), a nail tech at D’Hair To Be Different in Las Vegas, has been doing nails for a mere year and a half, but she’s been bowling for 22 years.

A “natural” from the very beginning, she’s accomplished the two greats in bowling: a perfect 300 game and an 800 series (a total of three games combined). “I was just presented an award at the South Point Bowling Center for being the first woman to ever shoot an 800 series there,” she says.

What she loves about bowling is that it’s very competitive and at the same time very much a social occasion. “I cut up and carry on just like everyone else, and then I turn serious once it’s my turn,” she says. That camaraderie continues into the salon, where many of Elizondo’s clients are fellow bowlers. “Many people actually switched to me once I got my license because we already knew each other and had a friendly relationship.”

Her salon specialty is “bowling nails”— that’s seven long, gorgeous nails and three short ones. “I automatically hold out my left hand when someone wants to see my nails. My bowling clients are trained to do the same thing,” says Elizondo.

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