Consumer Statistics
Culled from a variety of studies, here are facts on today’s man and his grooming habits.
89 Percentage of men in Europe and the U.S. that consider good grooming and general presentation to be essential to their professional success.
-Changing Male Grooming Behaviors & Occasions (2004), Global Information, Inc.
53 Percentage of European and American men that cite articles, features, and programs in the broadcast and printed media as their main source of information about new products and grooming practices.
-Changing Male Grooming Behaviors & Occasions (2004), Global Information, Inc.
4 Percentage of men who said haircut, manicure, pedicure, and exfoliation on a regular basis is their grooming approach.
2nd Rank of massage and spa treatments on a survey asking men what gift they’d most prefer to receive from a significant other on Valentine’s Day. It came in behind a romantic dinner (54%), tied with tools (14% each) and beat out sporting event tickets (11%), a day with buddies, or a hunting trip.
-BizRate Research study (2007) conducted for
31 Percentage of the spa-going population that is male.
-International Spa Association (ISPA) 2006 Spa-goer Study
49 Percentage of male spa-goers whose first spa visit was a resort/hotel spa. It was the most-likely place for a man’s first spa visit, but for women, a day spa (59%) was their most-likely first spa visit.
-ISPA 2006 Spa-goer Study
$100,000 or higher The household income of the majority (57%) of male spa-goers.
-ISPA 2006 Spa-goer Study.
  Professional Statistics
Surveying a selection of readers, NAILS gathered information about the nail industry and male clients
24:1 Ratio of female to male techs in the overall industry. Nails Big Book 2006-2007
93 Percentage of nail techs who promote to their male clientele in the salon/spa.
4.5 Percentage of nail techs who have never had a male client.
40.3 Percentage of techs who agree that men buy retail products in the salon or spa.
34.8 Percentage of nail techs who have had male clients that have male-specific services on their menu.
1 Rank of manicures on list of services techs say they have performed on male clients. With 97.8%, it beat out pedicures (90.6%).
30.9 Percentage of techs who have had male clients that have done enhancements on them. The main reason techs cite for applying enhancements on males is for musicians: “I had a gentleman come into the salon for a set of gel overlays on his right hand because he is a touring musician and needs the strength for playing classical guitar. I understood his needs because my husband was also a classical guitarist.”
-Leah Turk Sue Kolve’s Salon and Day Spa La Crosse,Wis.
1 Rank of NAILS Magazine for where readers go for advice on giving men’s services. Coming in second was other trade publications, and third was
0 Number of people men are most likely to have with them when they get nail services.


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