We’ve been working with celebrity manicurist Elsbeth for years and she never fails to impress us. A talented nail artist, Elsbeth is always calling me up with some crazy new nail art idea. For this month’s cover, she was inspired when working on an art project last Christmas by a little fuzz ball that got stuck on the underside of her nail. She figured if you can do nail art on the top of the nail, why not under the free edge as well?

Coming up with interesting new nail art styles isn’t all Elsbeth does. She also lends her nail expertise to fashion photo shoots, events surrounding the Oscars and Emmy awards, advertising campaigns and commercials, and exclusive celebrity functions. So far this year, her creations have appeared on the covers or in the pages of InStyle, Elle, Ocean, Flair, Glamour, and of course, NAILS.

She has also been quite busy on the international front where she’s been giving “Hollywood Nail Care/Nail Art” presentations. “Class participants have told me they enjoy the informative ‘insider’s view’ as to what the Hollywood elite are asking for in regards to nails,” says Elsbeth, before jetting off to Munich to be a judge at the European Nail Championships.

But don’t think it’s all jet-setting and Hollywood Hills for this busy nail tech. As time permits, she still sees a number of loyal local clientele. “My clients provide me with a balance that offsets my travel schedule with more local work,” says Elsbeth. “I feel very fortunate to have the ongoing opportunity to apply my creative skills and talents in such a diverse number of ways. It makes for a full, but often hectic, life.”

To create this month’s fun party nails, follow these simple steps. You can go simple with a single jewel under each nail or go all-out like we did with jewels fit for a queen.

How to get the Cover Look

  1. If you need to extend the nails, apply easy-to-file nail tips. (At this point, an acrylic or gel overlay is optional.)
  2. Blend tips into natural nail.
  3. File to achieve desired shape and buff.
  4. With a small brush apply top coat (do not use fast-drying top coat) to a small section on the back of the free edge. Pick up jewels and stick them onto the wet top coat. Use more top coat for the next section and add jewels. Repeat until backside of the nail is completely covered. Apply two layers of fast-drying top coat to secure jewels. (Use UV top coat for a longer-lasting effect.)
  5. Polish the nails with clients’ color choice. Make sure to use a full coverage polish so you can’t see the jewels on the underside.

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