SparkleFX Pretty Primaries come in three bright, bold colors: Radiant RedFX, Brilliant BlueFX, and Sunburst YellowFX. These new shades have the same consistency as OPI’s original AbsoluteFX powders and can be used to create myriad effects.

1. Apply a thin angled layer of Radiant RedFX to the front of the nail.

2. Apply a thin angled layer of Brilliant BlueFX to the back of the nail. Apply a generous coat of clear Absolute over the entire surface. (Work quickly for steps 1 and 2.)


3. Use a thin metal tube in two different diameters to carefully imprint scattered impressions into the clear Absolute. (You can also make impressions using a shaped paper clip or any other metal tools you can find.)

4. Apply Sunburst YellowFX into the impressions. File the surface to expose the design. Finish filing with the technique of your choice


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