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Roula’s Nail Spa


Product innovations help industry insiders create treatments and styles that become the basis for a new trend.

I was interested in introducing innovative and decadent treatments when I founded my spa almost two years ago. The trend of offering specialty services, was at its infancy, so it was challenging for me to gain an understanding of what comprises a signature service. I solicited advice from various manufacturers and researched new types of products and scents I could incorporate into treatments.

These new product enable me to roll out new treatments, which have become commonly and regularly demanded by my clients and have helped jump-start a trend in my marketplace.

Conversely, I deal with manufacturers on a regular basis who stay abreast of consumer trends and formulated products accordingly in response to a trend.



President, Essie Cosmetics

Astoria, N.Y.

Fashion trends drive products. The public picks their favorite trends, blows them up, and exaggerates and alters them. This creates more need and therefore more products in different variations.

When I first started out in the nail polish business, I had only 12 shades of nail polish. Then suddenly, a few small, affordable nail salons popped up, purchased polish from me, and began getting lots of customers.

As the salons caught on with the public, more and more opened, creating a need for a high-quality nail polish collection with a good range of colors.Then, women started getting manicures and pedicures every week or going to the salon as a social outing. They wanted to have fun with polish, for it to match their moods, their personalities, and their clothes. This created a real need for us to introduce new collections (in addition to keeping the classics) every season.



The Academy of Nail Design

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I believe that in most industry the majority of style trends are set by trailblazers - individuals or groups who have been struck by inspiration and created something so wonderful that others want to have or follow it.

I’ve come across these types of people in both the client world and from the manufacturing side. I’ve had clients ask me to alter existing color schemes and application to suit their individual tastes. These ideas were then quickly requested by other clients, causing manufacturers to replicate these styles.

I’ve spoken to some of the most creative minds in the manufacturing side of this business who have created influential products, styles, and trends so intriguing that clients weren’t even aware they had to have them until they saw them. There is a strong blend of both sides influencing what see in the market today.

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