Take a look as NSI’s new ads and you may well be wondering, “Who are these guys and what’s up with their nails?” The guys in question are three of the W. Conshocken, Pa-based company’s top executives and they happen to be wearing long, lovely pink-and-white nails.

Debuting in trade magazines in August, the new campaign highlights NSI’s respected history, their innovative R&D, as well as this surprising visual element. “It’s an idea based on the fact that we did pioneer the science of beautiful nails, “says company president Rick Slack, who is featured in the ads along with director of R&D Fred Slack, vice president Kirby Slack, and director of manufacturing Bob Maxwell.

The debut ad features a photo of the Slacks and Maxwell with the accompanying headline. “When we say everybody at NSI is obsessed with great nails, we mean everybody.” When you have a real story to tell and want to establish a fresh presence in a crowded marketplace, you have to create an original look and that’s what we’ve done. And, we must admit, we also had some fun with it,” says Slack.

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