At The Hairport in East Oskaloosa, Iowa, a standard two-week fill runs $22. For those exceptional clients who can get away with going a little longer — and to discourage those who can’t but try to anyway — a three-week fill is priced at $34. As far as owner Holly Schippers is concerned, a fill at four weeks constitutes a new full set and will be priced accordingly.

But what about those rare instances when a one- week visit is warranted? Schippers will oblige with a one-week fill for $14. “Clients with problems, such as nail biters, love the one-week rebalance because it keeps them on their toes and taking better care of their nails knowing I will see them in one week versus two,” says Schippers. An added bonus of the one-week fill, she notes, is the flexibility it opens up in scheduling around a vacation — hers or the client’s. “Sometimes a client will opt for the one-week appointment when, for example, I am going to be gone during the week her fill would normally be scheduled She’ll just come in the week before,” she says.

Of course, this tiered pricing structure only makes financial sense if it reflects the time required to perform the service. “The one week takes considerably less time as there is usually no need for repairs,” says Schippers. “The three-week service may not take any longer than the two-week, unless the client wears her enhancements overly long. The main reason for the higher price is to discourage clients from postponing their rebalance.”

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