By the time the folks at Time Out New York shot the layout of “bad girl” fashions that appeared in their March 20 issue, the corsets they had once intended to use were out. But the corset-inspired, lace-up nails remained.

Angi Wingle, a CND educator and Team Red member based in Harrisburg, Pa., gave the nails their long tapered edges and rough look by shaping the nail tips with cuticle scissors rather than filing them. “I polished the base of the nails in [CND’s] Point Blank and used Cream Puff on the free edge,” says Wingle, who then used a nail tool to punch the holes in the “torn” nail. She coated black ribbon with Speed Bond nail adhesive so she could cut the width without the ribbon fraying, then laced it through the holes. “You could use string or leather as well,” says Wingle.


Speaking of corsets, check out the winners of Design-A-Corset made with acrylic nail products in Corsets, of Course (NAILS, April 2009).

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