In school, there’s no greater thrill than producing a nice-looking set of nails. But in the real world, you have an additional challenge - you have to do it while keeping one eye on the clock. In her 13 years doing nails, Angie Gross of Soge Hair and Body Care in Atlanta has adopted some commonsense policies to produce better nails faster.

  1. Wear a mask - not only does it provides protection, it keeps you from talking too much instead, ask the client a question that will allow her to talk to you.
  2. Pick the minimum tools necessary to do your job. I use just three bits with my electric file. By using a bunch of different bits, files, and buffers, you waste time. Try new items and techniques on your off time.
  3. Don’t concentrate on speed, concentrate on routine. Put everything well within reach and count through each step, (i.e., push back cuticles, 1,2,3, next finger, 1,2,3, next finger …

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