For the first time in roughly 10 years, service price for basic acrylic service are up. The average price for full set of acrylics is up to $42.12 in 2002 from $39.64 in 2001 (a 63% change). Sounds like a small change probably but the movement upward is what makes it significant. We’ve watched, with both mild horror and resignation, as service prices continued their downward descent as acrylic services became the industry’s commodity available anywhere, with very little differentiating quality. It was a natural economic phenomenon as the number of nail salons rose and the service became commonplace. Availability on a whim to walk-in clients, salons were hard-pressed to change anywhere near the high price of the early days of nail salons.

Salons could easily charge, and get, $50-$60 for a full set. Those increasing service prices helped the overall industry growth upward this year (after a year that saw the overall business fall, this year we saw an increase in salon business from $6.43 billion to $6.45 billion).

Perhaps as we have been predicting the nail industry won’t see prices a bit (In-fact, the very definition of discount salon has changed because a discount salon is one that changes less than half the rational average.)

And for those of you interested in taking fuller advantage of a client a client base that supports rising prices, check out our Acrylic Handbook, which begins on page 103 of this issue. The acrylic service is the “bread and butter” of most salons. And just as price have changed the products themselves changed substantially in the past several years Nail technicians have more o0ptions that ever, but also must train in the intricacies of the system. I suggest you pick up a few tricks in the Handbook then go reevaluate your service menu and prices. Any chance you can bump up that full set price? Now’s the time to consider that move.

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