Orly owner and CEO Jeff Pink went for a warm, inviting yet modern atmosphere. The waiting area certainly achieves that look.

Orly owner and CEO Jeff Pink went for a warm, inviting yet modern atmosphere. The waiting area certainly achieves that look.

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – Beauty Mark is a far cry from the average nail salon. The first indicator of that is its strategic location inside the Orly International headquarters. “It’s really a program,” explains program manager Goli Vahdani. “It’s an educational and training center.”

But it’s an educational center with a twist. From Tuesday through Friday, Beauty Mark is open to the public. Clients can choose from an array of natural nail services ranging from a basic manicure to a deluxe pedicure. They’re also welcome to shop the retail area, which features Orly and bio solutions products. Monday are devoted to educational training for both nail professionals and the public. So while nail techs learn about new nail art designs, clients will be able to take classes on what to look for when visiting a salon. Currently four nail tech work a part time at the center, offering service and managing the retail area. “It gives nail techs and client the chance to buy everything they need at competitive prices and it gives them advantages of taking classes,” says Vahdani.

Beauty Mark, which touts itself as a sales and training center, was built on the space formerly occupied by the company’s showroom. “We wanted to offer educational training, so we figured why just build something on site,” says Vahdani. “Plus, it’s a great way to brand it with the Orly name.” The center features a clean, modern look complete with wood and metal accents – all conceive by owner and CEO Jeff Pink, says Vahdani. The Orly logo and former ad campaign images are visible throughout the salon, adding a stylish touch. The result is a center where clients can instantly feel relaxed and at ease.

So far, the center has gotten a warm reception, and that can probably be attributed to its unique three-in-one status. “This is a place where clients can purchase products and get service and nail techs can pick up everything they need to offer those services,” says Vahdani. In fact, the center has been a hit with Orly neighbors. The company is located in a largely industrial area, so it’s not uncommon to see working women sitting in one of the three stations getting a lunchtime pedicure.

Vahdani is betting that those women will soon spread the word on Beauty Mark’s charms. In the meantime, the center has done direct mail campaigns geared to locals and several newspaper ads to get the world out. We’re sure its uniqueness and strategic location will help it attract even more attention.


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