You have only to glance at these winning entries from NAILS’ Self-Portrait Contest to know that the term “nail artist” is far too limiting. These remarkable portraitists are artists – period. Our winner, Lisa Fry, owner of Nailhouse Rock in Farmville, Va., didn’t use a magnifying glass and has never even taken an art class. “In fact, it’s the first portrait I’ve ever done,” she says. “I had put the magazine aside for a month and then suddenly thought, ‘I’m feeling artistic today’ and started on my portrait.” You can see the astounding results below.

Our thanks to all who entered. Here’s a look at the top six finishers.

1st place: Lisa Fry, Nailhouse Rock, Farmville, Va.

2nd place: Mary Shaffer, The Art of Nails, York, Pa.

3rd place: Michele Reavis, Belles & Whistles, Odenville, Ala.

Honorable Mention: Judy Kerp, Super Scissors South, Williston, Fla.

Honorable Mention: Kelly O’Neil, J.C. Penney Styling Salon, Elyria, Ohio

Honorable Mention: Casey Raimer, The Art of Nails, York, Pa.

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