Whatever filing need you may have, electric files can do the job. They can take length off the free edge, refine the shape of the nails, and prep the nails for a fill — you just need the right accessory




The football is used under the nail. A medium-grit football (shown here) can be used to go around the cuticle area. This instrument is elliptical in shape, making it ideal for working underneath long nails, or for grinding off the old sculpture material around the cuticle when preparing for a fill. They are available in three grits: coarse, medium, and buffer (extra fine). Balls are designed to trim an edge of the cuticle or to go deep underneath the nail to remove particles from the nail bed.




Mandrels are bits designed to be used with sanding bands (circular form made with the same material as hand-held files). These bits tend to heat up the fastest and it is hard to control the amount of pressure that is applied to them. They are good for removing gels and sealants.


French Fill


The small head diamond bur is used for French fills. The bur establishes two reference guidelines. First, it establishes the new dividing line between the pink and white acrylics. Second, it creates a depth gauge to use as a guide to remove white acrylic with a Coarse Barrel.

The French fill diamond drill bit was designed to evenly trench out the re-???? of pink-and-white acrylic nails causing premature lifting or air the center of the nail.




The shorter backfill bits (shown here) are designed to cut out only the area of the white tip that has grown out, while the longer backfill bits are designed for an even larger area.




The cone is used primarily under the nail. The medium or fine cone can be used to clean out the underside of the sculptured nail. Since the cone tapers down almost to a point, it can be used under very short nails. Cones are available in regular or half-sizes, as well as diamond or carbide.




The barrel is used primarily on the top surface of the nail. A coarse or medium barrel is used to grind away the old sculpture material in preparation for a fill, or to shape a newly sculptured nail. An extra-fine barrel, when used with cuticle oil or water, will give you a matte pre-polish finish. An ultra fine barrel, when used with cuticle oil or water, will give you a smooth, shiny finish. The small barrel is a versatile instrument, which can be used both on the top of the nail, as well as underneath the nail. This instrument can be used just like the barrel, but is small enough to fit under an average nail to clean sculpture product from underneath it. Barrels are available in diamond or carbide. Carbide bits have cross-directional grooves that are designed to remove product quickly while channeling friction heat away from the nail. Diamond bits are excellent for etching the natural nail bed and filing acrylics, gels, and fiberglass.

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