Aching back? Pam Karousis was once like you. Troubled by backaches after long hours hunched over a manicure table, Karousis, owner of Nail Designs Unlimited in Cortland, Ohio, was intrigued by the weird-looking, ergonomically designed chair she spotted in an office supply store 16 years ago. After testing it out in the salon, she was more than pleased. “I discovered that a) it keeps your back straight; b) you can roll right up to the edge of your manicure table; and c) it keeps your legs and feet behind you, out of the clients’ way. Best of all, I was much less fatigued after my usual 10-hour day” she says. She’s so enthusiastic, in fact, that she’s on her fourth chair and preaches its merits to anyone who’ll listen. Karousis recently purchased a new chair for $39 from Damark International ( Similar chairs can be found at The Healthy Back Store (800-4MY-BACK).

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