Donald Anderson


Creative Nail Design

An artist and an entrepreneur, Anderson is always looking for a new challenge. His charisma keeps him in high demand at trade shows, “Dependable, honest, and trustworthy. Donald is easy to work with and always willing to go to the extra mile.”


Kristina Baune

(Redwood Falls, Minn.)

Creative Nail Design

Baune’s superior product knowledge and eloquent presentations make it easy for even the most novice nail technician to learn with her. Though a new educator, she’s already developed strong relationships with her peers, students, and local distributors. “A great mix of humor, professionalism, poise, and grace.”


Maida Bierley (N. Lauderdale, Fla.)

Styling Technology Corp.

Bierley’s bilingual abilities have allowed Styling Technology to reach many nail technicians. Her patience and perseverance have helped develop her reputation for excellence and professionalism, “An indispensable asset.”


Tye Broughton

(Medford, Ore.)

Galaxy Nail Products

Both a distributor and educator for Galaxy, Broughton focuses her educational efforts on beauty schools in central California. “An elite national educator.”


Alicia Bryant-Mayes (Denver)

Creative Nail Design

One of the few chosen to be a trainer at the Creative Institute this year, students, describe her as “fun and informative.” In her spare time, Bryant-Mayes volunteers at local schools and through the State Board, in addition to offering private tutoring.


Janene Bushey (Shelby, Ohio)

Tammy Taylor Nails

A five-star educator (the company’s highest ranking), Bushey often can be found online answering questions relating to the company, products and industry in general when she’s not teaching. “She goes above and beyond the call of duty whenever asked.”

Lara Cavaline (Erie, Pa.)

Creative Nail Design

In two short years, Cavaline has exceeded expectations time and again, having reached several goals that have taken others much longer to achieve. “An inspiration to work with and always willing to go to the extra mile.”


Michael Cavo

(Lighthouse Point, Fla.)

Jessica Cosmetics


From helping to establish nail competitions in Florida to doing volunteer work at vocational schools, Cavo’s passion is just as commendable as his educational prowess. “His students learn the best habits and the best methods for their own successful careers.”


Debbie Coddens (Mishawaka, Ind.)

Clean & Easy

Coddens’ ability to do 10 things at once with aplomb is irreplaceable, as is her skill at creating excitement and enthusiasm along with an understanding of waxing. “A high-energy professional.”


Carla Collier

(Tehachapi, Calif.)

Galaxy Nail Products

A much-decorated competitor, Collier’s work has been featured on magazine covers and in marketing brochures. Outside the studio, she spends much of her time teaching classes through schools and distributorships.


Lysa Comfort (Stanton, Calif.)

EZ Flow

Comfort was instrumental in creating the educational format for the Association of Electric File Manufacturers and has provided technical support for industry magazines in addition to creating a video and teaching hands-on classes at trade shows worldwide. “A major contributor to the nail industry.”


Marty Cooke (Salt Lake City)


A top 10 competitor-turned-judge and owner of a busy salon. Cooke’s students leave her classes with many new business insights in addition to newfound expertise in pink-and-white sculptured nails and backfills. “She typifies perfection.”


Michelle Cordes (Silverdale, Wash.)

Tammy Taylor Nails

Another five-star educator, Cordes has been a “Top 10” educator for two consecutive years. Cordes also assists with educator training and is often found online mentoring technicians. “She never hesitates to contribute ideas or help to see those ideas come into action.”


Mary Doles and

Jennifer Holmes

(Des Plaines, Ill.)

Backscratchers Salon Systems

Doles and Holmes, who co-own a school, have an insatiable thirst for knowledge themselves. Their ability to convey their expertise to students while developing in them the necessary skills is reflected in their graduating students. “They’ve made educating an art form.”


Kelly Edge (Fayetteville, N.C.)

Tammy Taylor Nails

The company’s 1999 East Coast educator of the year, Edge travels the country to keep her own education updated. A consummate professional, “Kelly always goes the extra mile.”


Cheryl Frost (Westland, Mich.)

Tammy Taylor Nails

Also a five-star educator, Frost was the company’s #1 educator for 1999. Her commitment to the team never wavers. “She constantly has new ideas and is willing to do whatever it takes to make them happen.”


Robin Gibbons

(Angola, N.Y.)

Creative Nail Design

A regular educator of the month, Gibbons enthusiastically greets each new assignment. Her love of the industry inspires her students, who leave her classes with a wealth of new knowledge. “An invaluable asset.”


Tiffany Greco

(Oceanside, Calif.)

Creative Nail Design

No one leaves Greco’s class with a question unanswered. Credited with making learning lighthearted and fun, she has been known to fly across the country at a moment’s notice to teach a class – with a smile on her face. “One of the best educator’s we have.”


Chris Haubruge

(Mojave, Calif.)

Galaxy Nail Products

A veteran competition winner. Haubrage now splits her time between her salon and teaching in beauty colleges throughout central California. “Her dedication to upcoming nail professionals in monumental.”


Tory Harrelson (Irvine, Calif.)

Tammy Taylor Nails

Harrelson not only exceeded his goals last year, he’s risen admirably to new responsibilities. On an average day, Harrelson assists over 200 technicians with questions on product or technique. “One of the most inspirational in-house educators.”


Millie Haynam (Solon, Ohio)

Nail Tek

A self-avowed “beauty biz lifer,” Haynam started her career at 16, traveled the world getting experience, “apprenticed” with some of the top educators in the industry, and finally has settled in with Nail Tek as a regional sales and education manager. She’s worked in a well-known spa, done nails for magazine shoots, salon consulting, and even patented a salon product. “I love helping people grow,” she says. “There’s no better feeling than someone telling you you’ve helped them improve their work.”


Lynne Heller (Mount Prospect, Ill.)

Jessica Cosmetics International

Heller instills a love of the subject and superior knowledge and skills, while inspiring students to set ever-higher goals. “She helps students raise the bar of how good they can be and how much they can achieve.”


Corine Hughes (Ypsilanti, Mich.)

Tammy Taylor Nails

Always willing to take on a new project or just help out, Hughes works closely with her in-house educator and school instructors to ensure she provides the best education. “An excellent example of a true teammate.”


Kathy Jack (Rockvale, Tenn.)

Tammy Taylor Nails

The company’s East Coast educator of the year in 1998, Jack has many students who book her next class before leaving the first one – some coming back as many as five times! “She motivates students to be successful.”


Amy Jackson

(N. Richland Hills, Texas)

Creative Nail Design

A former educator of the month, Jackson also teaches at local beauty schools and does private tutoring. She just completed her third video on doing nails. “She brightens up anyone’s day. Students always request she come back to do the next class.”


Faye Kelley (Hueytown, Ala.)

Creative Nail Design

When she’s not on the road for Creative, Kelley teaches at the local college and cosmetology schools in the Southeast. Noted for using real-life analogies to explain scientific concepts, Kelley “has a special touch.”


Leta Kennedy (Irvine, Calif.)

Tammy Taylor Nails

The sole educator in her assigned states. Kennedy assisted in one way or another with teaching almost every workshop and seminar the company had last year. “An enterprising person and a source of knowledge for many.”



(Winder, Ga.)

OPI Products

Incredible product knowledge, awesome technical skills, and passion keep Kinney in great demand with nail technicians; internally, she’s commended for her dedication, flexibility and integrity. “D.J. has the knack to explain any subject on any level.”


Michael Knutson (Irvine, Calif.)

Tammy Taylor Nails

Knutson can always be found in one of two places – in the classroom or on the phone with a technician. “On an average day, Knutson helps more than 100 clients to become better nail technicians.”


Lori Michelle Kotzin (Irvine, Calif.)

Tammy Taylor Nails

An “outstanding educator who’s always willing to go the extra mile for her clients,” Kotzin constantly presents new ideas along with a course of action to put them in place.


Joey Kurtz (Port Richey, Fla.)

Galaxy Nail Products

An active member of the Florida Cosmetology Association, Kurtz donates many hours to the cause of improving the nail industry in her area when she’s not educating both in her home state as well as nationwide and abroad. “An elite international educator.”


Melodee Lange

(Orlando, Fla.)

Tammy Taylor Nails

Beat this: 4,000 classes worldwide over the past 12 years. The acting vice president of the Florida office, Lange always makes the time to help. “An excellent example of… some one who passionately loves nails.”


Monica Leiper (San Diego, Calif.)

Creative Nail Design

A two-time company educator of the month, Leiper is recognized as a knowledgeable spokesperson for the trade and has educated around the world. “Her artistic flair and company knowledge is motivating and inspirational.”


Terri Lundberg

(Eagan, Minn.)

Over her career, including eight years with Simply Elegant. Lundberg has worked diligently to promote advanced education and professionalism in the industry. Even before she opened one of the first advanced education centers, Lundberg mentored many technicians.



Jane McDowell (Norco, Calif.)

Tammy Taylor Nails

One of the “most consistent” educational team members, McDowell is forever on the move, working with beauty supplies, schools, and nail professionals to make sure each individual’s needs are meet. “She is always one step ahead.”


Michelle Miller

(Lawrence, Kan.)

Creative Nail Design

A dedicated, hard worker; Miller recently took on new responsibilities as sales development manager for a distributor, where she will conduct sales meetings, classes, and sales assistance. “An outstanding instructor who we can always depend on.”


Deanna Morehouse (New York)

Cuccio Naturale

Launching a new line is no easy feat, but Morehouse proved herself equal to the challenge, educating magazine editors, distributors and nail technicians on the Cuccio Naturale line. A hard worker committed to continuing education, she is, “quite simply, one of the best.”


Carol Neuwirth (St. Charles, Mo.)


Kizmit’s most-requested educator, Neuworth has made significant contributions to the company’s educational programs, perhaps because of her own education. “An irreplaceable asset to both our company and our customers.”


Lisa Olsen (La Habra, Calif.)

Rudolph International/Soft Touch

Olsen’s upbeat personality and determination to pass along at least one new piece of knowledge, combined with her 15 years’ experience, make every class a success. “She also has a strong desire to keep learning and gaining more skills herself.”


Kim Patterson

(Farmington Hills, Mich.)


As an educator, mentor and trainer, Kim draws on extensive and diverse industry experience. A much-decorated competition winner and active participant in state board meetings, Patterson also has been instrumental in the development of the company’s signature product application technique.


Audrey Rainey (South Lyon, Mich.)

OPI Products

An original member of OPI’s Midwest Design team, Rainey’s expertise and ability to motivate takes educating to a new level. “Anyone who attends one of her classes not only walks away with knowledge but with a new enthusiasm …”


Paula Rabbitt (Brea, Calif.)

Rudolph International/Soft Touch

Having worked at several levels within the industry – salon management, manufacturing, and distribution – Rabbitt quickly creates a trusting relationship between herself and students. “To Paula, there is never enough she can learn.”


Tracey Revis

(Encino, Calif.)

OPI Products

Revis recently demonstrated her superior knowledge at OPI’s biannual educational symposium, earning the title “Technical Wizard of the Year.” She believes the key to success in the nail industry is to continually educate yourself on new products and techniques.


Deborah Ritze

(Norfolk, Neb.)

Nail Tek

With 28 years in the industry, Ritze was instrumental in promotion the initiation of licensing for nail technicians and instructors in Nebraska. Continuing education for natural nail care is her passion. “She motivates everyone she works with.”


Betty Romesberg (Akron, Ohio)

Styling Technology Corp.

In her 33 years in the beauty industry, Romesberg has seen it all, and just about done it all, too. The owner of Tips to Toes educational forum, she draws on her hands-on experience as well as she’s seen and learned in her 18 years as a manufacturer’s educator and NCA educator: Romesberg first fought for, the helped shape, nail tech licensing in Ohio. Later, the four-time Ohio Cosmetologist of the Year led the battle to ban MMA, which then led to her appointment to the Ohio Cosmetology State Board.


Wanda Ruiz (Mayaguez, Puerto Rico)

Creative Nail Design

Creative credits Ruiz for significantly contributing to its successful launch in Panama, Mexico, Uruguay, and Spain in 1997-1998. “She’s not only a valued and key member, she’s a delight to work with.”


Elsbeth Schutz

(Chatsworth, Calif.)

Orly International

Schutz, who speaks five languages fluently, has educated nail professionals and distributors in 57 countries on natural nail care and sanitation issues. “Her ability to understand clients’ needs, her perception of nail care trends, and her knowledge of techniques and technologies are unparalleled.”



Carla Shappelle


Creative Nail Design

Since she’s had too many achievements to list here, suffice it to say Shappelle is an accomplished nail artist and educator who loves to learn as much as to teach. “Her enthusiasm motivates other nail technicians.”


Vanessa Stone (Homestead, Fla.)

Gena Labs

Stone’s varied salon background allows her to relate to every technician she meets, and she educates her students not only on the products but also on the services they do, and can, offer. “An educational event with Vanessa is an unforgettable experience.”


Shantel Woon Sue (Denver)

Styling Technology Corp.

A well-educated business owner, Woon Sue expresses her passion for the industry through educating others. Her dedication is apparent in her continual requests for more responsibilities. “A rare gem with an upbeat attitude and ambitious nature.”


Ed Taylor, Sr. (Irvine, Calif.)

Tammy Taylor Nails

A source of encouragement to Tammy Taylor herself, this 17-year veteran has assisted Taylor with workshops, seminars, and shows in addition to conducting his own classes. “Definitely a main player on the team.”


Gari-Dawn Tingler

(Stanton, Calif.)

EZ Flow

Tingler practices what she preaches, so to speak, on her clientele, assuring that she provides students with proven tips and techniques, as well as the voice of experience when it comes to problem-solving. “Always learning new products and better ways.”


Kimberly Tracy

(Allentown, Pa.)

OPI Products

A long-time educator, Tracy rose last year to corporate trainer because of her vast knowledge and networking skills. Always available to her students, she breaks each technique down to its most basic level. “A great technician and an excellent teacher.”


Shannon Urquiola (Orlando, Fla.)

Tammy Taylor Nails

The East Coast director of education, Urquiola educates and trains all of her educators, as well as helping them set goals and ensuring they have the resources to obtain them. “A wonderful example… of what an educator should be.”


Mary Vearil

(Hamilton, Ohio)

OPI Products

Her combination of knowledge and experience led to Vearil’s appointment to OPI’s Midwest design team, while her dedication led to her designation as a national trainer. “Always eager to share… to teach others proper technique and professionalism.”


Jayne Waynick

(Dearborn, Mich.)

Galaxy Nail Products

Salon owner, Michigan Cosmetology Association member, distributor, educator … Wow! Waynick has educated throughout the United States and, indeed, the world, though her focus is in Michigan. “A consummate professional.”


Valarie Wood (Riverside, Calif.)

Kupa/Beautiful Nails

An AEFM certified trainer, Wood’s background includes work as a nail tech, competition judge, business owner, and international educator/trainer. She is willing not only to share her knowledge with her peers, but to learn from them as well.


Laura Young

(Tucson, Ariz.)

Backscratchers Salon Systems Young is a true professional who always looks and acts the part. Now an instructor, she continues to educate at distributorships and shows. “Well-known for her extensive knowledge and quality education.”


Independent Educators


This installment of The NAILS List covered on manufacturer’s educators who were nominated by their sponsoring companies. But there are so many more educators out there, working in schools, running independent consulting and educational services, tutoring and mentoring privately, and working for smaller manufacturers. We salute those individuals, as well, who share their knowledge and “give back” to the industry. We will cover those individuals in a separate article in the fall when we do our report on the nation’s cosmetology schools. Please feel free to send us any candidates you think warrant recognition.

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