These handpainted and airbrushed works show the very best of reader nail art during the last decade. Delicate flowers, wild animals, and abstract designs are just some of the creative works that have graced the pages of NAILS throughout the years.

October ’90

Handpainted Shamu and binds

Leslie A. Quigley

The Nail Carousel

Aurot a, Colorado

Handpainted Las Vegas

Ronalee Robinson

Virginia’s Beauty Salon

Parker; Arizona

June ’89

September “90

Airbrushed abstract

Rosalie Nazzaro

Staten Island, New York

April ’89

Handpainted Egyptians

Tammera Sergy

Holly Hill, Florida

December ’92

Handpainted fanciful images --giraffe,

hula girls, unicorns, etc

Carol Bruce

Las Vegas, Nevada

Handpainted wild cats

Minnie Davis

A Heritage

Henderson, Nevada

January ’91

Handpainted black and white portraits

Laura Barnes

Hair Fashion East

Highland, California

Airbrushed toucan birds

Sharon Csiszer

Nail Passions

Palmdale, California

July ’94

Handpainted farm animals

Traci Suggs

Great Lengths

Columbus, Ohio

Handpainted Nagel portraits

Kathryn Van Horn

Chez Chic

Macomb, Michigan

December ’93

Handpainted under the sea image

Tina Robertson

Great Length

Fresno, California

February ’95

Handpainted “The Lion King”

Body Beautiful

Aberdeen, New Jersey

June ’95

Handpainted floral

Sue Ellen Schultes

Nororious Nails Salon/Notorious Nail Seminar

Green Brook, New Jersey

August ’97

Airbrushed tulips and butterflies

Billyne Dowdy

The Nail Affair

March ’88

Handpainted oriental porcelain

Donna Perez

Scissor Wizard

Las Vegas, Nevada

April ’88

Airbrushed flowers and butterflies

Yoko Okamura

Zooom Inc/Nail Studio Zooom

Osaka, Japan

August ’92

Airbrushed swirls

Lynn Montero

Head To Toe

Aberdeen, New Jersey

April ’96

Handpainted American Indian symbols

Judy Jensen

The Electric Chair

Las Vagas, Nevada

May ’97

Handpainted yellow flowers on black

Ana Lombardi

Nicely Nailed

Easton, Pennsylvania

June ’96

Airbrushed floral

Minako Kobayashi

Beauty B

Gifu, Japan

August ’98

Handpainted window and cat

Sherri Cassell

Camarillo, California

September ’99

Airbrushed guitar and drums

Liz Fojon


Fair Lawn, New Jersey

June ’98

Airbrushed calla lilies

Dawn Marie Scheper

Nails By Gunpoint

San Jose, California

August ’99

Handpainted meadow and butterflies

Nanda Khin

The Beauty Zone Salon

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

January ’00

Handpainted 2000

Michelle Longhini

Nails Michelle/Salon Imagine

Green Acres, Florida

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