Lucky for us, this month’s cover artist, Tom Bachik, has done several NAILS covers, including the striking October 1999 issue. At that time we got the latest scoop on his work with Creative Nail Design. This time we asked him to talk about you, the nail technician, and share his best advice.

On the consistency of a nail tech’s work: “Even if you aren’t a competitor; breaking the nail down into four section helps your work become more methodical, organized, and natural looking. Draw an imaginary line from the tip to the cuticle and from sidewall to sidewall to divide the nail into four parts. Then be sure that whatever you do to one side, you do to the other. It should be a mirror reflection from half to half, and nail to nail.”

On client hand care: “Regular manicures are very important – not only because they make the client feel good, but also because they are an advertisement of your work. Be sure to also recommend additional hand care therapies, such as paraffin or other exfoliating and moisturizing treatments so that the hands look as good as the nails. While nail care is always a priority, hand care is becoming increasingly important and if you offer both, that means more services and more profit.”

On being a nail technician: “Always be proud of what you do. I think a lot of nail technicians don’t think that what they do is important. I see it differently. I got into my career because I am a people person and I like to make a difference in my clients’ lives. If you strive for new opportunities, there is no limit to what you can do as a nail technician.”


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