These days, not only is Tom Bachik still producing beautiful nails, he’s packing them with punch, or in the case of our October 1999 cover, white feathers. It’s not the first time Bachik has immersed tiny objects in acrylic to produce a new art that is sure to catch on like wildfire once clients get wind of it. He’s sunk small dried flowers, beads, sand, and more into a few nails.

Bachik also gave a sneak peak at a line of colored acrylics that he had formulated to add another dimension to his favorite tiny canvas. For these nails he used iridescent purple acrylic powder that fades into iridescent blue to encase the white feathers and then matched a second feather up to the first and used and adhesive to glue it under the nail. (For a technical overview of his technique, see page 86 of this issue.)

This talent, as well as his ability to produce flawless pink and white nails, is no doubt the reason he is one of five top Creative Nail Design educators chosen, along with Doug Schoon and Jan Arnold herself, to make up “Team Creative.”

In this new educational capacity, Bachik recently traveled to Japan to provide education for Japanese nailists who also wanted to emulate his stunning smile lines and knack for taking the art of nail enhancements one step further.


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