Nail-related items are not the only thing that salon owners and technicians use in their salons. Sometimes the most valuable items come from a totally different arena. Nail technicians across the country speak out on business items that they simply must have in order to run their businesses.

“I use the PrintMaster Platinum for my Compaq Presario computer. I make all of my business cards, fliers, and advertisements (for specials, stating new hours, etc.). The reason I like making my own cards is the personalization I can obtain. Plus, I can always go back and change an item on the card. Also during the holidays, I make a Christmas or Valentine’s Day business card, and it is easy with minimal cost. The last non-nail elated item that I purchased that I can not live without is my travel bag on wheels. I work part-time in a salon that has six other techs and we share stations. I use this bag to transport all my art supplies back and forth to work.”

Debbie Brew

 Jennifer & Co.

Mentor, Ohio


“I recently purchased a large assortment of dry-erase markers and an eraser-board style sandwich board for the sidewalk in front of the salon. It is great economical advertising that can easily be changed to fit the day, week, or even season. I like to make it as eye-catching as possible to entice people into the salon. Many people have come into the salon and told us (despite our great location) that they never knew we were here until they saw the sandwich board.”


Pamela Klimek

Great Nails-Guaranteed!

Peoria, Ariz.


“I recently purchased a Sharp Wizard Electronic Organizer, it comes with both the software program.on CD. ROM called the “Daytimer Organizer” for your computer and the “Intelli-Sync” program for synchronization between the computer and the Wizard. The Wizard itself is about 5 1/2” wide, by 3 1/4 long, and 3/4” thick. It will fit into any purse or even the back pocket of a pair of jeans. I have client names, addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses stored in the address book of the Daytimer Organizer (in the computer). And the Daytimer will export the information into the Wizard by way of a docking station that connects the two. Likewise, the information that I enter into the Wizard will export into the Daytimer. So the information only has to be entered once Into either the computer or the electronic.Wizard They both contain all the numbers I need to know in order to contact my clients from the car or away from the salon after hours. This has proved to be an invaluable tool for me in my business as well as my personal life’“

Vickie Lynn England

E-nailes Salon

Salona Beach, Calif.



“Now  you  might think this is oversimplifying the situation but I think the one business supply I can not live without is a pencil. I mean pencils do everything for you from making your appointments to writing down messages and notes, besides my pencil, my appointment book is very valuable as well. My colleague’s son look my appointment book home by accident one day and 1 truly had no due what I had going on that day. The last business supplies I bought were paper envelopes to put my clients’ abrasives in. I put their names and addresses on the outside and store them in a file cabinet in my desk in alphabetical order. Paper envelopes work better than plastic cases of any sort because if the abrasives are still wet when you put them away the paper lets them breathe.”

Gina Etters

Nail and Hair Compliments

 Tallmadge, Ohio

Anything that you would find in an office, or in a secretary’s desk, you will find in my front office. From rulers, scissors, rubber bands, and scotch tape to paper, printer ribbons, and stationery—I have it all in my salon. I use my computer for everything — tracking clients, payroll, and inventory. But pencils are still very important too, because we still keep the appointment book by hand until everyone learns how to use the computer.”

Sherri Evans

Get Nailed by Sherri & Co.

Yuma, Ariz.

“The most recent thing that I have purchased that is not directly related to the nail industry is my scanner. The computer is such an important business item, and I recently bought a scanner so that I can scan nails, nail art, business cards, all sorts of things. I’ve found that the Internet is a great way to communicate with other techs and 1 can now share ideas through the use of my scanner. Another item that I recently purchased for my business is an index card file to keep my client cards in, which 1 make on the computer.”

Kathy Mason

Nails in a Snap

Roseville, Mich.

“I order all of my paper supplies from Paper Direct, a mail order company. I get to pick the design, and they will send me preprinted letterhead, envelopes, business cards, direct mailers, everything. And then I make it all myself on my computer. I bought a computer credenza that is five-feet long as my nail table, because it enables me to stay at my workstation without having to get up. My appointment book is on one side and my everyday items are on the other, and I still have three and half feet of work space.”

Kim Barratt

B Nails

Rockland, Maine

“I buy cards 25 in a box that say ‘We welcome you as a new customer’ in gold on the front and blank inside. I write a personalized note and enclose a business card in each one. I then send out all of the cards at the end of the week. They only cost about S3-S4 a box.”

Michelle Cordes

The Nail Spa

Silverdale, Wash.

“In terms of non-industry related items that are invaluable, four things come to mind — appointment book, calendar, receipt book, and a calculator All of these things are a necessity to run a beauty business. But I also think that e-mail and the Internet are very important because they keep our salon in touch with other salon professionals. 1 am a member of the web site, and this site has connections with distributors, state boards, wholesalers, technicians, and educators from around the world. Questions to problems can be answered within minutes, I can print the information and post it in the salon to help with problems we may be having, or ideas that we have net thought of. I buy 9x12 manila clasp envelopes to use as sanitation packets. Each client has her own packet containing buffers, files, orangewood sticks, etc.”

Diana Bonn

Color Classiques

Muncie, Ind.

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