I know you read my notes here religiously, so in case you missed our trend watch report in the 1999-2000 Fact Book (which is bagged with this issue for most of our subscribers). I wanted to review some of our forecasts for business trends in the coming years. Here are five trends nail techs and salon owners should observe and heed.

Online and in the Loop. With the Internet, nail techs have a forum to exchange information very candidly about what they like and don’t like about the nail business. More and more techs are going online to learn about products, get education, network with their peers, and solve problems. Whether you’re a salon owner or manufacturer you should have some sort of presence on the net.

Plain Wrap Education. Nail techs say they don’t sales pitch with their education. They’ll try products, but they want the classes they take to be applied to all similar systems. Observe the emergence of trainers who specialize in generic education and the techs who are willing to spend a few hundred dollars a pop for personalized technical education that cannot be found elsewhere on the market.

Good, Clean marketing. Today good salon sanitation means more than just a clean salon. It also involves good marketing. Salons are seeing that promoting their disinfection policies is a winning marketing strategy and a competitive advantage salons can use.

Feet Treats to Beat. Pedicures, a long-dormant service, got a boots a couple years ago, aided by key product introductions, but this year, they’ve soared (up 6.3% in service dollar volume) and technicians are even starting to specialize in them. Many techs have found that pedicures offer multiple rewards: a high ticket price, an extremely satisfied customer, and a pleasant service for the nail tech. Salons are doing all sorts of extras to make the service the ultimate in pampering, from offering private pedicure rooms to doing the service while the client reclines.

The Never-Ending Extra Mile. Salons have to go not one extra mile, but an extra marathon. And they’re doing it ingeniously. Innovative salons are knocking their clients out with customer service ideas that are clever and build real loyalty.       


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