Sometimes when a unique friendship is formed, nail tech and client have trouble putting their feelings into words. Mari Foret had no such trouble when Carolyn Biagi, her manicurist of 10 years announced she was retuning and spelling her salon. Nailines in Wheaton, Md. Foret summed up her reflections in a poem, which she printed on invitations to a party she hosted to say farewell. One of Biagi’s distributors, David Hurwitz of Classic Beauty Supply in Wheaton, Md, passed the poem along to us.


The casual passerby

may only see

a group of women having their nails done.

Workers and clients

exchanging pleasantries to pass the time.


But those on the inside

see a sanctuary —

where silence is as welcome as conversation;

where tears flow as freely as smiles;

where tragedies and triumphs bind new friendships.


Sure, some have left

as quickly as they came,

stopping only long enough to prepare

for a certain party or event.

Or to take a break from a long and hectic day.


But those that took the

time to linger f

ound a special place where they could

be — quite simply —themselves.

A place where people heal hands — and hearts.

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