I have a little holiday gift for you, dear reader, a little present that I know you'll use and that I know will make 1999 more successful, more profitable, and more fun than 1998. The Masters Program: A Personal Journey for Success is an audiotape program you should start listening to. As a "subscriber" you get a monthly tape, hosted by Winn Claybaugh and Kitty Victor and delivered by some of the professional salon industry's leaders. You'll hear specific ideas for customer service and business building and pearls of wisdom on staying motivated and achieving your dreams. I've gone through six sets of tapes and now eagerly await next month's installment. I'm not running a salon or trying to build a nail clientele myself, but I get a lot of ideas out of the program, which is much needed in this industry. I urge you to listen, whether you're tryig to find new ways to get clients or simply be a better peson. There are too many little pearls to share here, but here are a couple of my favorites.

Little things don't mean a lot; they mean absolutely everything. -- Wayne Grund

As yourself every day: "Am I the very best that I can be today?" --Scott Missad

[To recruit and retain the best people to staff your salon] make your salon the educational Mecca in your town. --Jim Morrison

Use your station as an advertising area instead of a nest. --David Raccuglia

We can all be positive for 15 minutes. --Robert Cromeans

We pretend that every client has "MMFI" stamped on her forehead. It stands for Make Me Feel Important. --Eric Fisher

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