Diamond Cuts’ refill bar distils bulk products in individual quantities. The savings to the clients are good and the profits to the salon are great,” says Julie Copprue, a nail technician at the Novi, Mich., salon. You can stock the bar with just about any retail product you can buy in bulk – top coat body lotion, or massage oil, for example.

Diamond Cuts offers clients refills of SolarOil if you do the math you can see who Copprue explains. A ¼-oz, bottle of SolarOil wholesales for $2.50 and retails for $5. The refill size is 8 oz (which equals 32 refills) and costs the salon $30. They  sell the refills for $3 (versus $5 for the original purchase) so the client is happy. The salon makes $96 (32 refills ´ $3) or more than 200% profit, a sizable increase over the 100% markup on prepackaged bottles.

Copprue simply lets her clients know the refills are available when she sells them their first bottle of SolarOil. “It’s such a simple idea that works out wonderfully. It’s even environmentally friendly since you reuse the containers.” She says.

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