IBD 5-Second Nail Wrap Glue is the latest member of the 5-Second Glue family. This new addition is specially formulated to work with all nail wraps, including silk, linen and fiberglass. The 5-Second Nail Wrap Glue fills a need long expressed by nail professionals, according to IBD. This exciting new product, with the bright blue cap, remains cool when applied and doesn’t require any glue accelerators.

IBD’s 5-Second Nail Wrap Glue is thicker than regular nail glue, making it easier to work with when applying nail wraps. It provides both natural nails and nail tips with strength and durability.

Look for the cool, blue tube of IBD’s 5-Second Nail Wrap Glue at your local beauty supply store. And ... remember to find out what’s new this spring in the just-released IBD Salon Catalog. It features the latest additions to the IBD line, including both the 5-Second Nail Wrap Glue and Sensations, for manicures and pedicures.

In addition, IBD highlights their Nail Care Education program for salon professionals and students. As evidence of their commitment to quality and service, IBD offers one of the most comprehensive education programs in the nail care industry. IBD’s revamped education program is designed to benefit experienced nail specialists and students alike. The program consists of five different classes: nail tip application, acrylic, manicure/pedicure, clear light-cured gels, and colored light-cured gels.

Each technique is detailed by a licensed IBD nail technician. The in-depth instruction includes a hands-on segment, giving each participant the opportunity to test their skills.

Class participants can purchase specially priced kits and utilize them under the guidance of an experienced IBD technician.

Providing nail care professionals with continuing education that is both consistent and complete is an integral part of the IBD philosophy of customer support.

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