We pride ourselves here at NAILS on our very close connection with our industry and we solicit reader input for nearly every story we run in the magazine. After all, we feel that you learn the most from the stories of other successful professionals. So that we stay tuned to the work our readers do every day. I require that each of my staff members visit a reader salon at least once a month, read every publication related to nail-care, and attend technical classes. I even ask that they wear every different kind of nail application at least once, so they can fully experience nail maintenance.

But for this issue, we decided that we’d not only solicit the input of our readers, their quotes and commentary, but we’d turn over this issue to our readers to write in their own voices. This is a first for NAILS and a first in the industry to have the magazine written by our readers. Even our cover “models” are real-life readers. We think this issue is so special it will actually become a keepsake.

We sought the guidance of our editorial advisory board, some of whom have bylined articles in this issue, to help structure an issue that covered all bases. We relied on some of our well-known sources, but also tapped many new ones. And we made a lot of new friends. Out reader showed genuine creativity and a flair for writing. Clearly, nail car is just one outlet of YOUR creativity.

I want to thank everyone who participated in this special issue, and also thank all the readers whose voices make up every issue of NAILS Magazine and make it the valuable resource it has become. And, thank you all, especially for making it such fun.

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