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Nail Art Tip of the Month

by NLS Staff | September 1, 1997

Having trouble keeping the edges of the striping tape down on your nail art designs? If so, try this simple trick offered by Melissa Turner of Creative Nail Salon in Spring Valley, Calif.: Apply a very small amount of brush-on glue at the ends of the tape only. It holds so well, you usually have to file the tape off when the client returns.

If you’re not a big fan of striping tape, Cheryl Simmerman, a nail instructor at Wright Beauty Academy and owner of Nailtopia in Battle Creek, Mich., recommends an-alternative: Sliver; a very thin Mylar thread made by Sulky, which can be found in quilting and sewing/craft stores Because the thread is thinner and narrower than striping tape, you can create curve-shaped designs. Sliver comes in about 24 colours, including variegate, and usually costs under $5 for a 250-yard spool. Simply apply a pre-cut piece of Sliver to the almost dry layer of polish, then add top coat.

Fall Nail Color Preview

Nail Design

Fall Nail Color Preview

by Staff

See the upcoming polish, gel-polish, gel, and powder colors! From warm browns and nudes to rich reds, oranges, and blues, this year’s color collections bring comfort and a touch of holiday glam as cool weather takes over.


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