Gretehen Correia, an account executive and educator for OPI Products, advises salon owners to add an acrylic nail manicure to their service menu. This manicure, specifically designed for acrylic wearers’ between-fill appointments, includes a secret ingredient — denture cleanser. That’s right, says Correia, “Cleansers like Polident, for example, are great for whitening and brightening the nails of your acrylic clients. The manicure also treats acrylic wearers to the weekly care and pampering natural nail clients enjoy.” Just follow these

  1. Remove old polish.
  2. Push back the cuticle and clean under the free edge.
  3. File down seam line using a fine-grit file.
  4. Soak fingertips in denture cleanser.
  5. After wiping hand, apply cuticle oil and massage into cuticles.
  6. Repeat on other hand.
  7. Perform hand and arm massage.
  8. Buff nails to a high gloss or re-apply polish.

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