Knowing what not to do can be just as important as knowing what to do when trying to create a salon environment that keeps customers coming back. This list of “nevers” comes courtesy of Volpe Nails Salons, where it plays an important part in the franchise’s success:

  1. Never have disagreements with other staff members when clients are within earshot. Settle your differences in private.
  2. Never become engaged in gossip. If the client wishes to do so, be a good listener, then try to direct the conversation to another area.
  3. Never discuss one client with another.
  4. Never use offensive language in the salon.
  5. Never talk back and forth between stations.
  6. Never smoke or chew gum in the salon, except in the technicians’ lounge.
  7. Never discuss personal problems with salon clients or staff members. The manager will be glad to listen in private.
  8. Never make any changes in the appointment book for personal reasons without talking to the manager first.
  9. Never leave a client to take or make personal phone calls.
  10. Never eat at your station.
  11. Never put down another salon, technician, or product.

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