Okay, suppose you were accidentally stuck in a nail salon in Germany with only your wits and your nail skills to rely on. How would you fare? To find out, try your hand at this little linguistic quiz, with vocabulary courtesy of German trade publication Beauty Forum. Try to match the German word with the corresponding English term. We’ll give you a hint: The German word for nail is Nagel.

  1. Nagellack
  2. Nagellackentferner
  3. Nagelsalon
  4. Nagelharz
  5. Nagelhygiene
  6. Nageloberfläche
  7. Nageltipknipser
  8. Salon, in dem ausschlieBlich Nägel behandelt warden
  9. Naturnagel
  10. US-Behörde für berufliche Sicherheit und Gesundheit
      1. nail resin
      2. nail surface
      3. nail polish
      4. nails-only salon
      5. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
      6. nail sanitation
      7. natural nail
      8. nail polish remover
      9. nail salon
      10. nail tip cutter
      Answers: 1c, 2h, 3i, 4a, 5f, 6b, 7j, 8d, 9g, 10e

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