In our February and March issues, The NAILS File discussed how to get male clients into the salon. In this month’s installment, we bring you a success story from Lisa Lavender, former NAILS Cover Tech (January 1995) and owner of Pizzazz Nail Salon in Johnson City, Tenn. When she joined her local chamber of commerce, Lavender was given 30 seconds to introduce herself and her salon to the other new members at an early morning breakfast meeting. Instead of the usual shmooze, Lavender made the most of the opportunity by reciting this poem to the mostly male audience:

Nails are important for men, you see,

And can be maintained for a nominal fee.

A quality service is here at last,

Even more enjoyable than those of the past.

A simple manicure will keep edges smooth,

And free from hangnails within the nail groove.

So when you touch ladies, without scratching, you’ll learn,

One touch is so pleasing, It’s often returned.

The audience was undoubtedly hooked, for three new appointments were immediately booked!

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