In the ‘90s, plastic surgeons allow patients to sample an assortment of noses and chins with the aid of sophisticated visualization programs. Computer connected cosmetologists can now show clients what they would look like with a new cut or color. For nail techs feeling left out of the technology revolution, there’s a state-of-the-art sales tool that helps clients to visualize themselves wearing any shade of polish you have in stock. The miracle product is, er, Scotch tape.

That’s right, a strip of Scotch tape can be used to instantly and inexpensively allow clients to try on different shades of polish, says marketing expert Jim Davis, president of 3MD Associates International in Minneapolis, Minn. Adhere a strip of Scotch tape over a fingernail and apply the polish to it. This allows the client to see the color next to her skin tone; it takes only a second to remove the tape. It also encourages clients/products interaction, Davis note. And you know, interactivity is the wave of the future.

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