It’s a simple fact of business life that, from time to time, clients write bad checks. And that can get expensive. The owners of Linear Aveda Salon in Boston got do tired of the words “insufficient funds” that they stopped accepting checks altogether. Instead, they installed equipment that allows them to accept bank ATM cards. Clients like the convenience of the payment system, reports salon coordinator Lisa DeRose. They can even get extra cash back. “Just about all our check users have switched-that’s about 45%-50% of our total clientele,” says DeRose. Since the toughest thing about using an ATM is remembering to make an entry in your check register, the salon makes a point of reminding clients to make a note each time they use the ATM. Of course, the ATM service is not free to the salon, but, says DeRose, it’s definitely less expensive that the losses from bad checks.

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