As you read through this month’s issue of NAILS, you may notice that you’re hearing the voices of more of your follow nail technicians and salon owners, and those voices sound an awful lot like your own. No one knows this industry belter than you do and no one knows belter what information you need to do your job, so we’ve made a concerted effort to use more nail technicians to write and provide research for our articles. We’ve aimed the microphone at you, so to speak.

If you haven’t already read the new sections written by nail technicians, cheek them out in this issue. On the very last page of the magazine is “Reader-to-Reader Advice,” where each month NAILS loaders answer questions sent to us by oilier readers. In “Troubleshooter,” veteran nail technicians share techniques on refining your skills. This month, Vicki Peters shows how to customize a nail form to sculpt on very wide nail beds. And we’ve:’ expanded our very popular “Reader Nail Art” department with a section called “Nail Art How-To,” where nail artist Sandra Calderon provides step-by-step nail art design instructions. (If you want to see a particular design, write Sandra a note or send us a technical idea of your own.)

We’ve added “One-on-One,” where one nail industry professional interviews another. This month, American school owner Sue Daigneault interviews Norwegian school owner tone-Lise Forberskog about the nail profession in Norway. Also this month, we have a special feature that is the result of a focus group I conducted on booth rental. We’ve done a lot of articles on this subject but this article resounds with the voices of nail technicians and salon owners who reveal what works and what doesn’t with booth rental. Listen closely, and you may hear your own voice in that article.

There are lots of special features coming your way in 1994, all written or researched by nail technicians themselves. You’ll find plenty of great ideas about running your business or improving your technical skills after reading the advice from so many talented nail professionals. Then drop me a line about what else you want to see in the magazine (or what you want to write) and add your own voice.

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