Do you consider doing nails a job or a career? Will you be in the nail business five years from now, or are you just doing nails until you I can find something that suits you better? Do you see yourself as a professional or as just someone’s employee? For some of you, doing nails is just a job; but for many of you, doing nails is an exciting career that’s full of opportunity and rewards if you are dedicated.

What’s the difference’ between a job and a career? A job is what you do, a career is what you are. There are some other key differences between a job in nail care and a career in nail care.

If nails are just a job, time is your enemy. Being at work is an obligation: You show up at the salon when you’re told to, you complete the number of services required of you, and you watch the clock closely so that you don’t spend any more time in the salon than is absolutely necessary.

If nails are your career, you look at time differently — you often feel that there simply isn’t enough of it. You try to get to the salon early to pull your client cards for the day’s appointments and set up your station. You plan to be at the salon late on particular days so that you can accommodate your working clients.

If nails are a job, you consider walk-in clients a nuisance. You use the time you spend filing a clients nails to catch up on salon gossip rather than talk to your client about her nails or herself. You don’t carry business cards because your boss won’t pay for them. You get your own nails done when a friend has time to do them rather than on a regular basis.

If you see yourself as a career nail technician, walk-ins are a blessing and an opportunity. They are potential regular clients you didn’t have to work at finding. You relish the opportunity to earn their loyalty by showing them how terrific your service is. The hour you spend with a client is an hour to learn her needs. Your business cards cost you, but yon wouldn’t be caught dead without them. And your own nails are just this side of perfection; in fact, people often stop you to ask where you get them done.

Whether you just do nails or von consider yourself a professional nail technician is your own choice. It doesn’t matter where you work, who you work for, or how long you’ve been in the business. In the long run, choosing the career will provide greater opportunity, greater earning potential, and ultimately; greater satisfaction.


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