Beauty editors from Allure, Elle, Essence, Glamour, Mademoiselle, Self, Seventeen, and other leading consumer magazines attended the Nail Mnaufacturers Council (NMC) press preview of nail trends at New York City’s Plaza Hotel on March 11. Emphasizing the prominence of nail care, the NMC updated the press on current consumer issues and reported that nail care is this year’s fastest-growing category in the beauty industry. The NMC is a body of nail products manufacturers that educates, legislates, and communicates on behalf of the industry.

NMC president Myriam Clifford asserted that nail services are derigueur for women of any age, income bracket, and lifestyle. She also reported that men are a growing segment of nail salon patrons.

The nail fashion spotlight at the tea was ‘Nails for All Lifestyles,’ four looks predicted to suit the varied moods of American women in the coming year: sports-casual, health spa, professional day wear, and elegant evening wear. Models worked the floor and stopped at each table, giving all attendees an up-close view of the nail fashions.

The NMC’s goal is to make consumer beuty editors realize that nails are lasting fashion and grooming concerns for women and that reader of consumer publications want to know about the latest trend and nail salon services. The NMC is establishing itself as a source of reliable information on nail care for consumer editors.

Editors were presented with gift bags filled with nail products as well as a press kit containing a release on the NMC’s presentation, color photos of the four trends, informational brochures, a copy of NAILS 1992 Fact Book and Buyer’s Directory, and other trade journals.

The NMC predicts the following nail trends will dominate and direct the nail care market from now until early 1994. “Sporty” short nails with square edges are gently rounded to soften the corners, muted burgundy blend polish colors, and fiberglass wraps for sturdy, active nail wear. “Workout Day Spa:” spotlights shorter nails with rounded-oval shapes, sheer pink, coral, tea rose, and light lavender squared oval shapes will be played up with rich red-toned polishes. Acrylic nails will give the length and thinness women want for dressing up nails for holidays and special occasions.

Additionally, the NMC predicts nail conditioning treatments will be hot-sellers in the salon and spa as well as for at-home use.

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