Producing a magazine that readers learn from, enjoy, and save is extremely rewarding. There is great gratification in knowing that our publication makes a difference in the lives and careers of our readers. So we are doubly gratified and pleased to announce that NAILS has been honored with the 1993 Maggie Award for Best Special Interest Trade Magazine by our peers in the Western Publications Association. NAILS earned this prestigious distinction for editorial and design excellence. The Special Interest Trade Magazine category is the most widely entered category in these awards – we competed with 26 other magazines – and is considered the pinnacle of achievement for a trade publication.

Thanks and credit for this honor go to the very talented and hardworking staff of NAILS (most of whom were in the office closing up an issue the Saturday morning after the ceremony). Our editors – Suzette Hill, Jolynn Vensel, Annie Gorton, and our newest team member, Jaina Martin – strive to create material that is fresh, precise, and pertinent to our readers. They have endured my exacting supervision and missed many a dinner to get n article “just right.” Our art team of Lynn LaLonde, Steve Fisher, and Cay Martinez works under enormous pressure and with precious little time to create a magazine that is so visually exciting.

These talented individuals are the heart and soul of the magazine and their contributions are obvious in every issue, but there are people behind the scenes who play roles every bit as important: our production manager Dorothy Puma, our sales team of Suzanne Robinson and Helen Vanegas, and our publisher Edward Bobit, who provides both guidance and independence.

Knowing that we are doing our job well is reward in itself but being honored by other publishing professional affirms that others know it too.


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