A group of nail professionals in Washington recently sponsored the Nail Technicians’ Brunch Plus, a luncheon meeting with more than 25 manicurists in attendance. Kelli Schraeder and Judith Bahr, two independent Washington manicurists, organized the gathering for local nail technicians to exchange ideas and information.

“We always said we’d meet for lunch or get together some time, but we never got around to it,” Schraeder explained. “This seemed like a great way to get new ideas flowing and get to know each other.”

Schraeder and Bahr got together, compiled a list of associates and friends in the industry, and mailed out invitations. They arranged for door prizes, including a year’s subscription to NAILS Magazine and beauty products from various local suppliers. The brunch was held at a local restaurant and was well received by attending nail technicians.

The banquet featured two guest speakers: Linda Keller-Scroggins gave an entertaining summary of her 15 years of experience in the nail business; and manicurist Jeff Brickey explained his background in the auto repair business and the similarities to the nail care industry. Brickey offered some creative technical inventions using metal drill bits and calipers for measuring nail thickness. He also talked about the use of a vented lounge chair for clients.

An open discussion centered on the treatment of fungus and way which to share techniques and discoveries to benefit the industry as a whole.

The group is planning another Brunch Plus for sometime this autumn and Schraeder expect more than 50 manicurists to attend.

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