One of the most immediate concerns among Americans today revolves around health and hygiene, leaving many people worried about the spread of diseases through human contact.

In the nail care industry, these concerns are elevated for both manicurist and client. Hands, feet and nails are prime communicants of colds and flu viruses. The nails, particularly with the application of acrylic and porous artificial nails are a prime breeding ground for bacteria, molds and fungus.

Nail technicians, in serving their clients, work with hands and feet. . . all day, every day. Providing personal care to their clientele leaves them—as well as their clients—vulnerable to cross-contamination of disease and infection.

To combat the danger of cross-contamination, nail technicians should prepare both their hands and the hands or feet of their clients with an anti-bacterial scrub. One such scrub is Hygienic Elegance Manicurist Cleansing Wash by Backscratchers Nail Care, Inc. Hygienic Elegance sanitizes the hands by incorporating the active ingredient PCMX—an anti-bacterial disinfectant used in Europe since the early 1900’s and used today in many American skin antiseptics.

Hygienic Elegance is also gentle—lightly fragranced and forming a rich lather that gets your nail service off to a pleasant start. Hygienic Elegance contains moisturizers to condition and maintain the skin’s natural balance—which is so often lost as the client receives a chemical treatment, and as the manicurist works throughout the day with chemicals, hands and feet.

Specially designed for compatibility with other nail care systems and products, this cleansing wash is a healthy start to every nail service.

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