As the professional, you have an opportunity to increase income and better service the client by selling products the client needs: You are the one the client trusts, you are the technician, the individual who properly cares for their nails.

Yet as an industry, we still seem reluctant to retail. After reviewing Tech Quiz responses that deal with this subject, one possible reason was subtly raised: The technician feels uncomfortable “selling” their clients.

That may very well be the key. If you feel a retail program is strictly “selling” to your clients, and harbour some negative thoughts about it, then review Heidi Fron’s report on the specific techniques professionals in the field use to successfully retail to their clients. What you’ll find is that most “selling” is accomplished by recommending products, by using the products during the service, by believing in the products, and by prescribing the products.

It is an approach based on your experience, knowledge, and your ability to deal with the unique needs and demands of that client. . . and that is the reason the client comes to you. A hard sell is not required. . . and may create problems. But you must know about different products available for your client that in turn make your job easier. As one technician describes it, if the client uses the salon’s products, she won’t risk lifting of the artificial material, and the technician’s work can then be guaranteed.

The end result? Products that do not ruin your work, that enable the client to maintain her nails between visits to make your job easier, and the very real prospect of additional income just by doing your best to service that client. And that is what retailing products should be all about in this industry.

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