Q. I graduated from a full manicure/sculptured nail course in April 1986. I have had sporadic business in my home and need your expertise at this time to increase business. What tips or advice can you give me to speed up my work?

I appreciate your magazine for all the information and products advertised and the help it has afforded me. But I still would like to advance my shop from Nail Sam to Flyin’ Nails by Sam. --“Nail Sam” Saundra, Chicago, Illinois

A. My first suggestion is to try to move your business from your home into an existing salon. Investigate a nail salon or a busy hair and skin care salon that would be interested in a nail concession situation, in which you either pay a fixed rent or a percentage of your business for a space.

You have just taken the most important step toward your success. The opportunities are unlimited.

The advice on how to speed your work can begin with organizing your work station and preparing before your client arrives. This may mean coming in a few minutes early to prepare.

Second, concentrate on what you are doing. Sometimes conversation can throw you behind.

Past issues of NAILS Magazine have many articles on the business of nails and also how to perfect techniques. Keep on the lookout for more in the future.

Q. Could you answer two questions for me? When I use any brand of nail glue, the glue invariably clogs. I wind up wasting more than I use. Sometimes the cap comes off completely and the glue spills out in a flood. Sometimes the cap sticks and I cannot get it off altogether and throw it away. What am I doing wrong? I wipe the glue off after I use it. 

The other thing: Why don’t nail expose come to Philadelphia? Ladies have fingernails here, too. --Carolyn Steele, Feasterville, Pennsylvania

A. Your problem with glue is a common one. A simple way to resolve this situation is to stick a pin that has a large head on it or a tack in the nozzle opening. This will help prevent crystallization of the glue, and if it falls over, it will prevent spillage.

Regarding trade shows; Just last month was the East Coast Nail show in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. It was advertised in NAILS and listed in the Calendar as well. Hope you didn’t miss it.

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