The arrival of 1988 has been a much anticipated event for Sogo, Inc., as it marks its 10-year anniversary. The company is beginning the New Year in a new location and a much larger facility representing a great deal of pride and many years of hard work.

Sogo, Inc., is a company producing a fiberglass wrap system designed and created by the firm’s president, Henry Sogomonian. Henry has been affiliated with the beauty business since 1959 when he started his career as a hairdresser. Within a year, he purchased his own salon and embarked on a successful 18-year business. It was during the mid-70s that Henry began to notice the increasing demand for nail procedures by his clients. It was becoming evident that the nail industry was catching up with the hair industry and would one day be a dynamic business on its own. It was also evident that new products were needed to meet the public’s demand.

After an 18-year hairdressing career, Henry realized that it was time for a new challenge and perhaps a career change. With this in mind, he developed a technique using fiberglass, an advanced adhesive and a quick-drying catalyst: a product and procedure that answered nail technicians’ demands for a system that would strengthen and lengthen nails and yet be a non-damaging product.

Following a six-month testing period and thorough review by a leading dermatologist, Henry knew his idea would work.

“Satisfied that I had gathered the perfect union of products for a new nail technique, I sold my salon and Sogo opened for business.”

Henry’s wife, Carol, had had previous sales and office experience. She set up and ran the office while Henry went on the road demonstrating and selling the procedure they named “Nail Glass.” The product line then consisted of a small repair kit with refillable items ... a total of five in all.

Today, Sogo’s product list consists of five pages, custom school kits, and private lable products are available worldwide.

Although Sogo is a husband and wife team, it is also a large family business, employing daughter, Cynthia; sister, Rosemary; part-time help from their four daughters, son, grandkids, nieces and even in-laws. Ask any one of them, and they’ll say that after 10 years, “This is only the beginning.”


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