This month, Nailco moves to a new facility: 10,000 square feet of showrooms, offices and warehouse space. Located in Livonia, Michigan, the facility offers a number of advantages for Nailco and its customers.

A key feature of the new facility is a 1000-square-foot model nail salon. It will function as a regular working model salon, but with custom designed decor and furnishings. In this setting, Nailco’s customers can view samples of wallpaper, carpeting, furnishings and appropriate accessories.

Nailco is working with an interior decorating company, and will have a designer and general contractor on the staff. In this way, Nailco can design salon layouts to individual specifications. From reception area and work stations to pedicure or tanning rooms, Nailco handles it all, so you don’t have to worry about running around to find everything your salon needs.

For displaying every item offered by Nailco, there’s a 1500-square-foot showroom. Offices take up another 2000 square feet, and the balance is devoted to warehousing.

Nailco’s regular weekly and biweekly seminars will be hosted in the model nail salon as well as the new conference rooms.



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