There’s something exciting about a state of panic. A sense of urgency practically forces immediate action. And a craving for information causes rumors to start and spread.

Some journalists thrive on such situations and there are publications that even encourage sensational handling of stories. At NAILS Magazine, we could raise a lot of red flags. We could be alarmists about acrylic dust and fumes, gels and UV lights, formaldehyde, fungus, AIDS, contagious diseases and any number of topics.

But we prefer a different approach, as exemplified by the article beginning on page 42, “Preventive Measures.” It deals with stringent sanitation procedures that will help minimize possibilities of disease transfer among people while protecting nail beds from contamination.

When Janet G. McCormick offered to write the article, along with the piece about allergy patch testing on page 37, we encouraged her to proceed because she has dealt with these issues on two fronts. As president of Nail Concepts and Infection Protection Systems, Ms. McCormick has been involved with the research and development of acrylic nail products and with sanitizing agents in soaps, lotions and cleansers. Ms. McCormick also has a salon, where manicurists service clients in a typical setting on a daily basis.

The manner in which the material is presented is straightforward rather than frightening, but this in no way detracts from the importance of the information.

The amount of space devoted to covering this subject in depth is an indication of NAILS Magazine’s endorsement of strict sanitation as standard procedure in every salon environment.


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