When the focus for this month’s issue was discussed, decisions were made as to content, the story’s angle and the material to be included. Our first major cover piece on polish generated excitement, enthusiasm, as manufacturers were contacted, research completed and product samples requested and received. Sessions were held to discuss the cover … what approach, the concept, how to present the feel and variety of color, especially spring and summer shades, without resorting to something overworked, or worse, mediocre.

But through it all, what was not discussed was that I would be breathing in the fumes from over 10 dozen open bottles of polish during the long set up prior to shooting. Brian Blades, the photographer, is the true “unsung hero” ... it was his effort that gave us the shot, even though the camera angle forced him to stand precariously on an eight-foot extension ladder virtually on top of those same bottles of polish.

He was the one looking a bit bleary-eyed when the shoot finally finished up.

All of the effort was easily worth it. We ended up with a fascinating shot that exemplifies the efforts of all the others that made this issue come together.

Kudos to all. It was a great effort and an excellent finished product (even though we are already making plans for the next one).

As always, you the reader have the final comment. Let us know what you think.

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