We’ve been getting some interesting letters lately. Only a few of them appear on our Letters page because of limited space. Even so, we’d like you to know that we do read all letters and we do take your comments and suggestions into consideration.

Sorry we can’t respond individually to every letter. That would keep our staff so busy, there would be no NAILS Magazine each month. However, when you write and say, “Please tell me everything about this topic and that problem,” you can be sure that we put it on our list of articles for future issues of NAILS. (This list is so long, that we plan to spend many years covering these various subjects.)

If you’re a relatively new subscriber and you want information on a certain subject, there’s a possibility we’ve already covered it in a past issue. Check with our Circulation Department. Limited numbers of back issues are available for $4.50 each (postage included).

You’ll notice we often ask for comments from our readers. That’s because we would like to open up a forum of discussion through these letters. Even if your letter is not printed, it gives us an idea of what you are thinking, which helps us know our readers ... and we can respond to your needs better in the long run.

I personally enjoy your letters, and I share many of them with the rest of our staff. And while you may not find a response in your mailbox, watch the pages of NAILS Magazine. Your answer may be in an article, a paragraph, or a special project we undertake.

We’re listening and we’re working ... for you.

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