Just over a year ago, an engineer and his nail artist wife decided to design something new for the nail business. A couple of weeks later, the engineer showed up at his wife’s salon with a prototype of a nail tip with a built-in digital clock that alternately shows the date and time.

The customers, operators and hangers-on stared and started to laugh. Then the realization set in that this really was a new concept: the electronic nail tip.

These events occurred a little more than a year ago. Since then, Tip-Tyme has gone from the conceptual stage, through an intensive marketing survey and into production. The technical problems were monstrous, according to Gary Goldman, vice president for operations. No one had ever mass produced a clock module this small. But finally, Tip-Tyme is on the market.

Sales coordinator Cindy Williams commented that “orders are far above what we projected, and we have had to gear up additional manufacturing capability to handle the unprecedented demand. We are just beginning to catch up with our orders, and ship to our very patient customers. It has been a night and day operation for months around here.”

The Tip-Tyme nail is made of a non-toxic, non-flammable nylon material that is resistant to most common household cleaning agents, acetone and nail polish remover. The display face is glass and is even more resistant to these substances, Gary explained. Tip-Tyme is water resistant and is easy to reset.

Each nail is individually packaged in a blister pack, complete with directions and press-on pads. Tip-Tyme is warranted for three months with proof of purchase, and any unit found defective within this period will be replaced free of charge.


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