It doesn’t seem to matter how long a technician has been involved with nail care ... there always seems to be a healthy curiosity as to how others apply nails, what “shortcuts” they know, and how they reduce the time necessary for the service without sacrificing quality.

Because of this innate curiosity, we have always presented helpful, concise and thoughtful technique articles.

This issue is no exception.

The difference is exceptional. Partners in a nail salon overcame their concerns about revealing “trade secrets” and discussed openly the way sculptured nails are applied in their shop.

Frank and Debbie Krajenbrink’s technique, a one-ball application process described on page 34, offers promise, and the details are concise and helpful. They are featured because of their process, but also because they were willing to be interviewed on a technique they felt had benefits in their shop and for other technicians.

This is the type of openness and material we are always looking for: Straightforward, specific technique suggestions that you as an accomplished nail technician are willing to share with your peers.

The initial rewards are the notoriety and recognition within these pages: Recognition you can display and show off to your clients. But importantly, the reward is the realization that you have given something back to your field, that you have helped your industry, and in no small way, helped maintain the standards of quality in nail care.

Your specific technique is worthy of recognition: Call us. That is all it takes to get us started.

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