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Doily Art: The effort of two nail techs

byNAILS staff | October 1, 1986

Doily Art, as shown here and in color in the August 1986 issue of NAILS Magazine, is nail art that dazzles. Your creativity can change simple classic patterns into the most gilded and unmatchable glamour imaginable.

French cuffs, coins, sun bursts or bells; the design possibilities are unlimited, and every design comes out differently from previous ones.

Two nail technicians who were working independently joined their efforts to come up with Doily Art for nails. Iris Lee is an independent nail technician specializing in nail art, and Diane Wallace is a nail technician, teacher and owner of Nappy Nails Supply. Together they developed two methods of applying Doily Art and created a kit, which comes complete with supplies, color photo and instructions for getting started.

Priced at $20, the kit can be ordered directly from Nappy Nails Supply. It will be shipped UPS-COD; allow two to three weeks for delivery.


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