After much anticipation, OPI is proud to announce that Bond-Aid is now available. Bond-Aid serves as a conduit facilitating bonding between the natural nail and acrylics, nail gels or polish.

OPI’s research indicated the need for a product that could balance the pH in the natural nail to the optimum for accepting acrylic products. According to OPI, Bond-Aid accomplishes exactly this.

Before any acrylic application, liberally brush Bond-Aid onto the natural nail. The benefits, besides less lifting of the acrylic from the nail, are normally shorter application times for acrylics or nail gels. And when applied on the natural nail before the nail polish, the polish benefits from more durability and less chipping.

To encourage retail sales to customers, Bond-Aid comes in an attractive 12-pack for salon display.

At present, a patent is pending on Bond-Aid, and like all OPI Products, Bond-Aid is available from better beauty supply stores only.

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